26 February 2009

It's Portsmouth, NH! Our New Home.

Hello Family,

Thanks again for all your prayers about our new station. We have been assigned to Portsmouth Harbor, NH! Out of 36 locations we ranked, we received our #5 pick! It is close enough to Boston that Beth has 4 (great) choices for law school. And the station has a 47' Motor Life Boat, which Erick needs to get qualified on in order to become a Surfman. Additionally, it is located within 10 minutes of Erick's home town, his mom and his grandparents. We are so looking forward to spending time with them.

Since the day we met, Erick has talked non-stop about New England and his home town. He has a great love for that area, and is overjoyed to have years to show me all of his favorite places. I can't wait to experience the area with him. We look forward to seeing the changing of the seasons again. We really can't wait to get there, unpack our things, and settle into our new life.

We love you!

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