12 December 2008

T-Minus 12 Days Until Christmas and 26 Days Until the Big Move

Erick and I decided to start the new holiday tradition of getting two trees. I usually get a Charlie Brown tree, cover it in multi-colored lights and throw on all my favorite mis-matched ornaments that I have received over the years. Erick wanted a big, fluffy tree, and to decorate it in a theme. So we decided, from now on, we will have two trees. We love them both equally and decorated them both together. It looks like a mini-forest in our living room, or like one of those displays at Target with all the different trees! But we think, the more the merrier. Charlie doesn't take up much room anyway :-)

Once Christmas is over, everything will be coming down right away. We are leaving Fort Myers on January 7 for our move to Virginia Beach. We will be in Virginia Beach for three months, and half way through we find out where our next location will be. While we are in Virginia, Erick will be training to be a Boatswain Mate, or boat driver. Once he graduates from that school in April, he will go up in rank and we'll be on our way to a new town. It's very exciting!

Enjoy the Holiday Season. We miss you all very much and we can't wait for a chance to get together again. And wish us luck! We don't want Erick to end up on a big boat where he would be out to sea for months at a time. We want a station, or at the worst, a smaller cutter that is only out for a week or two. So if you pray, please pray for us. And if you don't pray, cross your fingers! Thanks!

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